Monday, November 16, 2009

Fina in Costa Rica Update!

There is a lot of love in the air. First thing is first, Andres (my best friend & boyfriend of 4 years) & I are getting married next month! wooohooo! There can't be nothing better than marrying your best friend.

Second, I will be in Miami for the next month and won't be back in Costa Rica until the middle of December. As far as upcoming events, there are two this Saturday actually. I will be playing at El Festival Urbano- Buscando La Raiz in Zapote on the 21st around 10AM. JNGL was going to play at this but then had to head out to Miami a little sooner, which means they might have Gyzmo play instead. Then A-Sides will be at Latino Rock Cafe that evening. Also, we are working on an event for New Year's in Playa Hermosa. I will put up the flyer really soon for that as well. Much love to all of you.

-Fina over & out

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